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<transcy>Everyday Classic: support for the actions of Foundations</transcy>

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4th edition: come to the aid of collateral victims of the coronavirus whom we do not necessarily think of; people who are hard of hearing. Indeed, for these people, wearing a generalized mask represents a great suffering, partly cutting them off from communication.

Indeed, for these people, lip reading is very important for communication and it is made impossible by the mask. The A Capella association aims to promote the social, academic and professional integration of the deaf and hard of hearing with the help of completed spoken language (LPC). But by the way, what is LPC? The Completed Spoken Language completes pure lip reading by removing its imprecision. Classical lip reading is too imprecise, especially in French. There are labial lookalikes sounds (sounds that are not visually differentiated, such as p, b and m) as well as invisible sounds (sounds produced behind the forge, leaving no trace on the levers, such as k, g and r). LPC complements lip reading with hand gestures, eliminating ambiguity. Today, the generalized wearing of the mask also complicates communication, preventing lip reading. A problem to which the association is looking for solutions.

For more information, visit Thank you for your support.

A new responsible gesture

At KT Home SA, we defend all causes likely to help our planet and its population. Our mask Everyday Classic anti-microbial is a wonderful choice to protect you, but also a wonderful image vector.

The principle is simple:

  • Protect yourself while personally and visually defending important humanitarian causes
  • We are offering to sell 50 masks with a symbol representing humanitarian or human action
  • All of these sales will be donated to the associations mentioned and we will always communicate the amounts obtained.
  • We take no margin, no profit
  • For practical reasons of collection, a price of CHF 25.- is fixed. Any additional donation can be attributed directly to the foundation or action
  • Once the limited series of 50 masks has been sold, a new cause will be systematically unveiled.

The causes we have supported

The masks linked to the actions below are no longer available for sale:

  • 1st edition: Foundation Francine Delacrétaz. In Switzerland, one in seven women is affected by the disease. It is the deadliest cancer in the world in women. The foundation Francine Delacrétaz supports women victims of this disease. For more information about the foundation and its actions by clicking here .
  • 2nd edition: support for Gilliane, a 14-year-old girl, athlete in sports studying at the CDCC in Biel, to continue her training as a professional dancer at the Pôle National Supérieur de Danse Rosella Hightower.
  • 3rd edition: aid to victims of the explosion in Beirut; aid for reconstruction, food and other basic needs, through the action led by actress Laëtitia Eïdo.

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